Carers Advice

Carer Assessment and Support Workers

Working together to support Carers through Primary Care

Do you need:

  • A listening ear?
  • Information?
  • Support?
  • Reassurance?
  • A break from your caring role?
  • Advice?
  • To meet other carers?
  • To explore your options?

Why it’s important to let your GP know?

  • It will be recorded in your notes – important in case you become unwell – helps protect the person(s) you look after. if you look after someone you are at a higher risk of becoming ill yourself
  • Provides a gateway to information and support including respite
  • You should be offered a flu jab
  • You may be offered a regular health check
  • You may be offered more flexible appointments and home visits
  • Help you get advice on treatment for the person you look after
  • Recognition as an expert partner in care and vital link between the person you look after and health professionals