Antenatal Clinic

Midwife appointments are held at the surgery on a Tuesday and a Friday.  Community midwives from Oxford University Hospitals cover these clinics. There are 2 community midwives attached to Brackley Medical Centre and they will give both antenatal and postnatal care to expectant mothers. Your midwife will guide you accordingly, but it is a midwives preference and recommendation that you stick to one or the other and maintain consistency with your midwife.

Doctors look after their own maternity patients with the midwife and/or consultant. Women can choose where they give birth. Patients may deliver at home or at any of the various local hospitals.

If you urgently need to contact the midwife, please call the Day Assessment Unit on 01295 229779.

You will need a routine GP appointment when you are between 5-8 weeks pregnant so that any current medication you are on can be discussed and adjusted accordingly. You will then need to book your first midwife appointment for when you are between 8-11 weeks pregnant. This initial appointment with the midwife is approximately 80 minutes long.