FAQ about our new appointment system

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What about the urgent care clinic?

We will still be running a daily urgent care clinic for on the day new medical issues. 

We know that sitting and waiting can be a real challenge for families with young children, the elderly, those who are clinically vulnerable, those with learning difficulties etc- and we  want to make sure that our appointments are accessible as possible.  Since COVID and the recent scarlet fever outbreak we are also moving away from patients sitting together in a crowded waiting room!

If you need an on the day, urgent appointment, from 13th May you will be able to fill in details online of your current medical problem.  If you are unable to access the online form, you can call our reception, and the patient services team will be able to fill this out for you.

After you have completed the form, it will be assessed by a doctor.  You will then be contacted with either:

  • An appointment for a face to face assessment with a clinician in urgent care within 24 hours
  • A same day or next day face to face appointment with a GP
  • A same day or next day appointment with a physiotherapist
  • A routine face to face appointment with a GP
  • Asked to go the pharmacy under the “Pharmacy First” scheme

If you do not provide enough information you may be contacted by phone for `   further information in order to safely triage your request.

 What about appointments with a GP?

We have always valued patients having their “own GP” at BMC, and the evidence from numerous studies is that this improves patient outcomes.  We agree!    When you request an appointment, please let us know who you would prefer to see.  If when you see a GP you will require a follow up appointment, they will provide you with a form to book this follow up appointment before you leave.  This will mean you don’t have to be “re-triaged”.  Please do ask your GP for a follow up slip when you leave consultations – it will take awhile for us to get used to as well! 

What about my shared care bloods?

If you are on a “shared care” agreement between the hospital and BMC (eg for immuosuppressive treatment for inflammatory bowel disease or arthritis), this will remain in place, and you will still be able to access regular bloods at the surgery.

If you need bloods from a hospital outpatient clinic please ask the consultant for a blood form.  This will mean the results go back directly to the team in charge of your care.

I can’t use the internet

Our patient services team will be able to help you.  Please call reception as usual.  If you are able to use the online system, this will free up phone lines for those who need help.

Please remember that we are still Brackley Medical Centre, and high quality, patient-based care remains our top priority.  The way in which you book appointments is changing, but we remain the same.  We know that change can be difficult and daunting, and we ask you to bear with us whilst we make the changes.  General Practice nationwide is under huge strain, and we are doing all that we can to make our service as efficient as possible with extremely limited resources.