New Group Clinics

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Brackley Medical Centre will be providing patients with the option to attend Group Clinics on selected TUESDAY mornings and lunch times as an addition to your usual face to face or telephone appointments.

Group clinics are on offer for people:

  • with Type-2 Diabetes
  • who want to lose weight
  • have irritable bowel syndrome 
  • interested in menopause management

What are Group Clinics?

Group clinics are a tried and tested way for doctors to see up to 10 patients with similar conditions supported by a health coach and GP. You may also see consultants, pharmacists, social prescribers and health coaches in this way.

They can be in-person on on-line.

These types of clinics have been used for 20 years in the US and Australia and over 10 years in the UK.

People tell us that group clinics can help them to feel more confident to manage their health, allow more time to talk about what matters and find out more about their condition.